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December 31, 2008


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Ooh, these are awesome! : )

Fiona Colvin

Yay! Look great.

Maceknzie Komant

Ohhhhhh can't wait! sooo exciting!! congratulations on your hard work!!!


i guesss i'm first! :-)


oooh i meant not the first hahahah

Happy New Year, those look great!!!!


These look awesome Leigh!!! Congratulations!!


OH MAN... missed it! Boo Hoo... well they are great!


Nice Leigh! Man people are fast!

sarah smile

Hee hee... The first 9 right????? Happy New Years!!! xoxo

shannon hollman

these are gorgeous! how exciting!!


These are awesome Leigh! You did say first 10 right? lol. Happy New Years!

benj haisch

Bummer, I could use some new textures. Looks like I'll save a few bucks here and there and maybe pick em up :)


so excited....can't wait to play!!


Hey Leigh.. these are awesome.. as soon as I recover from Christmas and have some extra cash I will be ordering a set.. They look awesome.

Happy New Year.



Holly Sisson

They look very intriguing...any way to see them a little larger? I haven't been doing a lot of work with textures lately...but that's not to say I won't get back into it at some point.


Can't wait to play with these!

They are wonderful looking:)

Kristi O'Connell

Just purchased these..can't wait to try them, I am loving what some of our other flickr friends have done with them. I guess I will get an email with download information? Never used paypal for anything other than ebay before!


can't wait to try them.. thank you to share you amazing work!! :)


how do we prove we told a friend to get the discount???


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It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.


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